Talents and Short Film Market SE #1

29.06-02.07.2023 - Schlanders/Silandro/Solaneres, Italy


Talents and Short Film Market vol. 8

27-29.11.2023 - Torino, Italy


Friday June 30th 2023 01:45 pm – 02:45 pm | Main Hall, BASIS

Show Me The Money – Opportunities for funding short films
Cinema is a very expensive art form compared to others. And short films are not exempt from this. Digital technologies have greatly reduced the expense of a film budget, allowing filmmakers to produce at a lower cost, although usually at the expense of fair compensation for the workers involved. Funding for short films is therefore essential to start a professional production, although it is not always easy to obtain. Or so it seems. The panel will present three different types of funding opportunities open to Italian and foreigner filmmakers and producers, and discuss the advantages of such programmes.

Panelists: Luca Bizzarri (Italian Culture Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen), Birgit Oberkofler (IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige), Barbara Weis (German Culture Department of the Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano)
Moderator: Sigrid Hadenius-Ebner (Uppsala Kortfilmfestival)

Friday June 30th 2023 03:00 pm – 04:00 pm | Main Hall, BASIS

Masterclass: Ronny Trocker
Ronny Trocker is one of the most interesting Italian directors of the last decade. South Tyrolean by birth and a former student of Le Fresnoy, his short films Gli Immacolati and Estate quickly became festival favourites and landed at several major festivals such as Berlinale, Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy among many others. His first feature Die Einsiedler opened at the Venice Film Festival in 2016, while his second Der Menschliche Faktor premiered first at Sundance and then at the Berlinale. During this moderated masterclass Ronny Trocker will talk about his directing career and the themes he has addressed in his films so far.

Masterclass: Ronny Trocker (Director)
Moderator: Anne Gaschütz (Locarno Film Festival, FILMFEST DRESDEN)

Saturday July 1st 2023 01:45 pm – 2:45 pm | Main Hall, BASIS

Pitch Me, If You Can
Pitch Me, If You Can is a successful series of panels which aims to present the most renowned pitching events to filmmakers who might be interested in taking part in those. Structured as a very informative panel, in this occasion, representatives of Drama International Short Film Festival Pitching Lab, Interfilm Script Pitch and Lago Film Festival – Premio Rodolfo Sonego will answer questions from both the moderator and the audience regarding all the fundamental information wishful participants should know before applying: submission requirements, the selection process, training opportunities, structure of each event and, of course, expected outcomes.

Panelists: Viviana Carlet (Lago Film Festival – Premio Rodolfo Sonego), Barbara Dukas (Drama International Short Film Festival Pitching Lab), Rebecca Heiler (Interfilm Script Pitch)
Moderator: Sigrid Hadenius-Ebner (Uppsala Kortfilmfestival)

Saturday July 1st 2023 03:00 pm – 04:00 pm | Main Hall, BASIS

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once – The how to short film distribution
Undoubtedly, films are made to be seen and appreciated by an audience, especially at festivals. However, distribution is often considered at the end of the production of a short film. In many cases, the entire budget has been spent on production and there is almost nothing left to pay for the promotion of the film, thus causing many issues in promoting the film to its right audience. By providing concrete examples and sharing their personal experience, this panel aims to discuss the basics of short film distribution strategies with two distributors and a producer who have planned successful promotional campaigns on the festival circuit.

Panelists: Marija Milovanovic (Lemonade Films, Berlinale Generations), Franziska Sonder (Ensemble Film), Carla Vulpiani (Varicoloured, Venice Film Festival)
Moderator: Anne Gaschütz (Locarno Film Festival, FILMFEST DRESDEN)

Things to know

TSFM SE #1 features threee panels and one masterclass

All the panels and the keynotes take place at BASIS inside the Main Hall

All the panels and the keynotes take place from Friday June 30th to Saturday 1st July 2023