Talents and Short Film Market SE #1

29.06-02.07.2023 - Schlanders/Silandro/Solaneres, Italy


Talents and Short Film Market vol. 8

27-29.11.2023 - Torino, Italy

The winners of TSFM vol. 7

The winners are:

TFL Award (A Long Way Home) in collaboration with TorinoFilmLab goes to Inbetween Worlds by director Diana Cam Van Nguyen and creative producer Ella Kohn with the following motivation: “A project able to combine different styles and to deliver the intimate journey of both the main character and the filmmaker. A topic dear to TorinoFilmLab: the search for identity across different cultures with a powerful visual approach.”

Experience Sardegna Award (A Long Way Home) in collaboration with Sardegna Film Commission Foundation goes to A Touch of Harmony by directors Céline Gailleurd and Olivier Bohler and creative producer Debora Nischler with the following motivation: “This project represents an excellent overlap between the boundaries of different art forms; our Island is in our opinion the ideal location for such an investigation on bodies/cinema/visual arts and music. It moves in a dimension of innovation, new technologies and languages grounded in the context of the Region of Sardinia, which is deeply rooted in history, stories and characters”.

DASwithNAS (Animation Extended Lab) in collaboration with Sardegna Film Commission Foundation goes to Indigestion by Maddalena Brozzi and Sara Moschini with the following motivation: “The project deals with peculiar topics such as dissatisfaction, love hunger and craving for fulfilment, all told with a straight-forward approach, and a punchy, dense atmosphere rooted in a daily routine metaphor. Our choice for this award not only considers the overall quality of the concept and storytelling, but also the many possibilities the project has to explore mixed animated techniques such as photo collage with an aesthetic that can be nicely blended with cut-out digital animation”.

WEMW & MIDPOINT Shorts Award (Pitch Your Fest!) in collaboration with When East Meets West and MIDPOINT Institute goes to Galichnik Film Festival presented by Jana Paunoska with the following motivation: “’WEMW and MIDPOINT Institute appreciate all the genuine efforts of the participating festivals to create meaningful events dedicated to short films. Still, one stood out with its enthusiasm, diverse program, and bold plans for the coming years. As our hopes for the future of this particular festival are higher than its venue’s altitude, we decided to award the Galichnik Film Festival”.

Film Festival Strategy Consultancy Award (Market Screenings and Video Library) in collaboration with Radiator IP Sales goes to Square the Circle by Hanna Hovite with the following motivation: “A film that is not like any other in format, theme and structure. I particularly was intrigued by the way of storytelling in combination with the round format”.

Rai Cinema Award(XR Content) in collaboration with Rai Cinema goes to Dream Builders by Arnaud Desjardins with the following motivation: “For its ability to completely immerse the viewer in a dream and its clever and unorthodox use of technology”.

The winner of the Highway to End grant is Impure by Olga Torrico with the following motivation: “a story rooted in tradition of one of the Italian regions, which yet resonates universally”. The special mention for Highway to End goes to Gritty eyes by Juraj Janiš with the following motivation: “an intimate portrait of youth, that impresses us with its sensitivity and great promise in the presented images”.

The winner of the Pitch Your Fest! grant is Film Southasia presented by Alok Adhikari with the following motivation: “To a passionate team who’s work inspire and make a great impact on the local community, as well as working to restore their film culture”.

The winner of the Any Short of Genre grant is Last Night of The Year by Ivana Hucíková with the following motivation: “For an interesting and multilayered protagonist, a strong character study, distinctive concept and convincing pitch”.

Team TSFM Vol.7